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Ready to take the next step? Learn the secrets of Advanced Shipping Management, from Greece’s leading Professionals

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Diploma in Advanced Shipping Management

Our Diploma in Advanced Shipping Management covers 3 major topics of Shipping Management, chosen by the candidate to target specific areas within their organisation.

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Dry Bulk Operations

The course introduces the responsibilities, the important role of operation department, preventive and corrective actions need to be taken, including pre-fixing and post fixing process, including explanatory and precautionary measures, actual documents as of the ship's commercial management, but not limited and to vessel's monitoring, third parties involvement as of the commencement of the charter (both t/c and v/c) throughout the currency of her fixture.

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Marine Insurance

The course is an international “journey” about demonstrating knowledge and understanding of essential elements of marine insurance contracts, marine hull and associated liability risks and protection and indemnity insurance.

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Chartering Practice and Methods

The module provides an insight to charter party types and clauses. The relevant chartering procedures are effectively presented and students have the possibility to apply such knowledge in a simulated environment.

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Maritime Legal Aspects

The course offers both an overview of shipping law as well as a more in-depth understanding of the key legal elements to be encountered. Students will have the opportunity not only to learn but also to master shipping law and put their newly-acquired knowledge to practice through case-study examples.

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Maritime Policy and Regulations

Laws, Rules and Regulations are the tools, through which Policies are being implemented. In the shipping industry, IMO is the main Policy Maker globally but its resolutions have to become national laws, in order to be applied.

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Commercial Shipping Management

This module provides students with an all-round practical insight to Shipping Management of Commercial Shipping Companies as well as knowledge for strategy and operational related matters in the shipping industry.

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Human Resource and Crew Management

The course begins by examining the Historical review and revolution of Human Resource and Crew Management. Follows, the structure of Crew department and its cooperation with other departments in a Shipping Company. Its daily operation is exhibited in details.

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Greek Shipping, a Global Success story

Shipping is a rapidly developing industry and one of the main pillars of our country, contributing almost 10% of the Greek GDP. The Greek-owned maritime business is the first amongst the European Union with almost 50% share, making our country a world leader in maritime transport and creating the corresponding need for trained executives, who can succeed in the modern business environment.

More than 5,500 vessels owned by Greek Shipping companies

Greek-owned fleet worth 120 billion USD

More than the 20% of the world tonnage held by Greek Shipping Companies

1,000 Shipping Management companies operating in Athens, 120,000 personnel

Industry Testimonials

Studying at BCA 25 years ago gave me the necessary tools to start my career in shipping with strong foundations, learn new skills and help me to gain the necessary knowledge about the shipping industry. I would recommend anyone interested in shipping to go ahead and enrol themselves for MSc Shipping Business at BCA.

Capt.Dionysis Drakogiannopoulos Post Fixture Performance Specialist, Chartering /Post Fixture, Α.P. MOLLER-MAERSK

As a new student to BCA's Masters in Shipping degree, i am very excited to learn the secrets of the Shipping industry, learning from the world's very best.

Soma Ariyaka, Indonesia CEO, Hasnur Group

Our company embarks on a new chapter; we are proud to send our executives to learn from the world’s best.

Asep E. Firdaus, Indonesia Director of Human Resources, Hasnur Group

BCA College is one of Greece’s oldest and most reputable maritime academic institutions. Having evaluated its online Masters degree in Shipping, its modules cover all the knowledge FOR A SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION FROM A CAREER ONBOARD TO A POSITION ASHORE.

Kostas Kontes Managing Director - V.Ships Greece Ltd.

BCA is the oldest Maritime College in Greece, supplying our Shipping industry with some of its finest graduate.

John Plakiotakis Minister of Merchant Marine and Island Policy

BCA College has one of the leading positive reputations as an academic maritime institution offering Masters degrees in line with the needs of Shipping companies. Costamare Shipping Company SA possesses a number of BCA graduates in its ranks with excellent performance.

Capt. Athanasios Beis General Manager, Costamare Shipping Company S.A.
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Advisory Board

BCA’s Advisory Board comprises some of the most talented professionals and leaders of the Greek Shipping industry. Their invaluable insight allows BCA to be at the forefront of knowledge, producing content and knowledge in par with the needs of the Global Maritime industry.

Efthimios E. Mitropoulos

Chairman of the "MARIA TSAKOS FOUNDATION". Secretary-General Emeritus of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Harry Vafeias

CEO of Stealth Maritime INC

John Platsidakis

Honorary President Intercargo | Managing Director Maran Dry Management Inc.

Charalambos Symantonis

President of the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association

Nikolaos Vernikos

President of the International Chamber of Commerce

George Gabriel

Director of Golden Union Shipping Co S.A.

George Karageorgiou

President and CEO, Olympic Shipping and Management S.A.

Costis Frangoulis

President and CEO Franman | President International Propeller Club Port of Piraeus

Capt. George Tsouris

President Chios Marine Club| Former Secretary-General PEPEN

Capt. Stylianos Dafermos

DPA/HSQE & Vetting Manager, Training Officer, Avin International

Akis Zigouris

Marketing and Sales Manager, Katradis Marine Ropes Industry S.A.

Capt. Dimitrios Aslanoglou

Training Manager, Eletson Corporation

Dr. Nikolaos Liapis

Supply and Operation Director, Elinoil S.A.

Danae Bezantakou

CEO Navigator Shipping Consultants Ltd. | Secretary General International Propeller Club Port of Piraeus

Nicholas Rodopoulos

President and Managing Director, OnLine Data S.A., Chairman at Hellenic Logistics Association, Member of the National Council of Supply Chain

Tassos Vamvakidis

Commercial Manager, Piraeus Container Terminal S.A

Kostis Achladitis

Managing Director, Golden Cargo S.A.

Panagiotis Christelis

Supervisor-Athens Department, VTG Rail Logistics Hellas

Capt. Emmanuel Tsikalakis

President Panhellenic Masters & Mates Union (PEPEN), Former General Manager, Minoan Lines

Konstantinos D. Chatzimichail

Chairman Alexandroupolis Port Authority

John Pachoulis

Honorary President, Hellenic Charterers Asoociation, Chartering Broker at Megachart Inc

Kostas G. Vlachos

Chief Operating Officer, Latsco Marine Management Inc.

Stratos Tsalamanios

President Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd

Marios Bougioukas

Shipping, Transport and Logistics Department Business Development, BCA College